Quest-Con is a multi-genre convention heavily influenced by gaming & cosplay (2 things we hold dear to our hearts).  In addition Quest-Con will not be your standard dog & pony show with a flea market that so many conventions seem to be turning into. If you're familiar with most (not all) of the standard fare, you buy a ticket, walk around the vendor floor for a bit, check out some guests, maybe look into a couple of other things that you're personally interested in, then you go back home and wait for the next year.  Each year is a rinse and repeat of the last with different guests.

This convention will be truly unique to the Gulf Coast area. Yes we will have some awesome guests, we will have an amazing vendor floor, we will have a huge amount of diverse gaming, we will have an unbelievable dedication to all things cosplay, but most importantly we are crafting more than just a convention. We are crafting an adventure.  Quest-Con will be an adventure that you will want to experience year after year after year, and will never grow tired or bored with!

"One year Away" events!!!

As many of you know we're rapidly approaching the one year (and counting) mark for Quest-Con this coming October 22nd. To celebrate this day, we've not only teamed up with MobiCon Mobile Comic Con - Mobile, Al & Light It Up With Lures to host a huge Zombie Festival ( in the middle of downtown Mobile, but we're also going to run a 24 hour special on our 3-Day passes for Quest-Con! 

You heard that right! For 24 hours and 24 hours only (midnight to midnight) we're dropping our 3-Day pass price down to $50 to commemorate this amazing milestone. That's a $25 savings at the door price, and a $15 savings on the early bird ticket price. This is definitely an offer that you don't want to miss out on!

To purchase your tickets on the 22nd of October, simply click on the "Registration" link at the top of our site (you won't see them till October 22nd) and look for the "Zombie Pass." You can either do this while you're joining us at the Festival, or from the comfort of your home.

Quest-Con Special Guests