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"...And Sewing is half the battle!" - Website / Facebook / Twitter

“…And Sewing Is Half The Battle!” is a competitive cosplay team based in central Indiana. They have won more than 40 awards for their costumes and performances at events around the country, and have been tapped for costuming and SFX makeup work for television, live theatre, and museums. When they aren't indulging their geek tendencies in tabletop gaming or debating the finer merits of comic book adaptations, they travel around the country teaching workshops to help cosplayers improve their craftsmanship skills and stage presentation. ASIHTB also partners with museums, theatres and public libraries to provide educational programming for all ages.


Cosplay Collective - Facebook / Twitter

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, Cosplay Collective was created to support, promote, and further the cosplay community while doing good works for those in need of some happiness. They are a group of cosplayers who gather to help others design, create and enjoy the art of cosplay. With their Cospitality Suite, they help conventions provide an additional benefit for the cosplayers attending by having an area just for them to relax, recharge, and repair. They present panels and presentations. They organize special events, such as photo shoots, maker meetings, and gatherings. They promote by joining in on local events, both entertaining and charitable. They visit hospitals, children and adult, child care facilities, schools, senior living spaces, and others who request. They run an annual toy drive to collect toys to deliver to children in the hospital at Christmas. Spreading the idea that cosplay is a great way to put a little happiness into the world is the most important aspect of what Cosplay Collective does. 


Foamsmeef (Kyle Miller) - FACEBOOK / Twitter / Youtube / ETSY

The winner of the Cosplay for Charity contest held on 4/30/16 at the Alchemy Tavern in Mobile!  Foamsmeef (a.k.a.I.R.L. Kyle Miller), has been putting the SLAYER in coSpLAYER since 2014 (The P is silent...). Born at a very young age in Sin City, his life choices have brought him to settle in the nearby neighborhood of Navarre, Florida. Currently starring in his own reality show titled, “A Modern-Day Mulan; One Boy’s Search for Honor While Impersonating Someone Else.” Suffering from various series addictions brought on by the “double-nomena” (double phenomena) of Netflix and Hulu, he often find himself shut in at home turning floor foam into awesome armor. 

To get more information on his work head over to your preferred social media platform (Youtube and Etsy are his favorites) and search for Foamsmeef!



Alpha is a local cosplayer from right here in Mobile AL.  He started cosplaying in 2014 as the Riddler which is his favorite DC villain.  He loves to see people's reactions especially the kids who think he's the real thing.  Alpha is continuously working on new cosplays and editing older ones trying to present something new or better every chance he can.  He learns more at every con and can't wait to put those skills to use when assembling future costumes for everyone to enjoy.


Raging Cosplay - Facebook

Raging started cosplay at Mobicon 2015, after attending Mobicon 2014 and seeing how much fun it would be.  He spent a lot of time coming up with ideas as to what he wanted to do, and after considering how much of a DC fan he was, he chose Bane as his first cosplay and it has taken off ever since. Raging is open to many different cosplays and is constantly coming up with ideas.  The amount of costumes that he has in the works right now will carry him well into 2017 con year.  Raging prides myself in assembling a great cosplay because he wants them to look great and wants people to appreciate them. It's become a hobby and passion of his that he believes he'll be doing for many years to come and absolutely believes that the impact that he has on the younger kids and the way that they light up with excitement with his cosplays makes it all worth it. 



They believe in portraying the characters that they cosplay as much as possible, putting an even higher emphasis on the performance aspect than the costume sometimes. If this means learning a fictional language like Dothraki for Drogo or High Valyrian for Daenerys, learning an accent for Merida, Jon Snow, or Oberyn, shaving Ethan's head for Krieg, or totally altering our diet and workout plans in order to get shredded for Vega, they do it.

Visionary Entertainment Inc - facebook

Cosplay Contest

Cosplay is an integral part of any convention, and Quest-Con is no exception!  We love our cosplayers, and are making sure that there's plenty of cosplay related events for everyone to enjoy.

cosplay Photography

SCI-FI PHOTO GUYS - Facebook / Website

Cosplay photography on steroids! With many countless hours of dedication and untold amounts of cash spent on perfecting your costume, you deserve more than a photo taken against a hotel or conference room wall. Sci-Fi Photo Guys wants to help complete your fantasy by showcasing your work in a themed background that enhances your cosplay instead of detracting from it. They do this by photographing you against their green screen, digitally removing the green screen, and then placing you in the background of your choice (we currently have over 300!). They add proper lighting and shadows, as well as any special effects that make the final image zing! Then they POP (Print On Premise), going from photo to print in as little as 10 minutes. This means you can get your photo right there at the convention! No waiting for it to come in the mail (or not arrive at all). What's more, they'll also email you a digital copy of your photo at no additional cost so you can post it on your social media pages, blog, or website.