Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any general rules or guidelines for Quest-Con?
Yes! They are pretty simple:

  1. Don't hit people.
  2. Don't take or touch things that are not yours.
  3. Don't give people unwanted attention - if someone tells you to stop, STOP.
  4. Don't cheat.
  5. Drugs are bad.
  6. If law enforcement would not like it, don't do it.

When and where will Quest-Con be held?
At the Mobile, Alabama Arthur R. Outlaw Convention Center, October 20 - 22, 2017.

I have a super cool widget/sword/tricked out nerf gun, can I bring it?
It depends - everyone bringing a prop weapon will need to have it checked out and a zip tie will be placed on it when you pick up your badge at the door. We'll look for the following:

  1. Your item cannot be pointy or sharp enough to cut or pierce someone when moderate pressure is applied. This includes not only swords, daggers, dirks, knives, axes, hatchets, but also ceramic weapons, medical-style props like needles and syringes, and wooden items that could feasibly pierce or cut someone.  If bringing a real weapon such as a sword, it must be peace-bound.
  2. It cannot fire any sort of projectile; deactivated nerf guns are ok, any airsoft gun is not.
  3. It cannot look like a real firearm, even if it is a kid's toy, when given a second glance.

I'm coming in costume/my pajamas/that outfit I wear when no one else is home! Is there a dress code?
Well, yes - as long as you do not violate any public indecency statutes of Mobile, AL, you are good to go.

What kind of accessibility is there for people with disabilities, like wheelchairs?
The Arthur R. Outlaw Convention Center is fully handicapped accessible, but if you have any specific concerns please feel free to contact us at

Are there any age restrictions?
No, but a Sentinel may ask unaccompanied minors if their parents know they're at the convention and make sure they are ok.

Can I take pictures and video?
Absolutely! Just remember to be courteous and ask the permission of those that you are videoing or taking pictures of to the best of your ability. You'll find most will be more than happy to comply.

Will I be on camera?

How can I volunteer at Quest-Con?
Thank you - we love volunteers! Please fill out the Volunteer Application under the Applications/Forms menu. We will reach out once we have received your application!