** All Guest Appearances are subject to change or cancellation **

** All Guest Appearances are subject to change or cancellation **


Inverse Press


Guest BIOs

Since 2010, Inverse Press has published independent comics publisher from the stormy shores of the Alabama Gulf Coast. Founders Kevin LaPorte and Amanda Rachels, along with our amazing and talented collaborators, craft comics stories that are often weird, sometimes dark, but always FUN.

Kevin LaPorte is a writer and publisher of indie comics, headquartered in Fairhope, Alabama. With his partner, Amanda, he founded Inverse Press in 2010 and has since produced a burgeoning catalogue of comics steeped in the weird and horrific, but often with an underlying dark humor. The worlds Kevin creates range from the transformative big top of Vicious Circus to the steampunk Wild West Apocalypse of Last Ride for Horsemen to the demon-possessed starscape of The Absentee and the embattled time-stream of Scissor Sisters.

Amanda Rachels' love of horror has been a heavy influence on her comics work, including Flesh of White. Among her other noted comics projects are Vicious Circus, a tale of killer clowns with a twist, and Arcana Studios' The Book, which explores the dark side of traveling off the beaten path. She is currently a series of short comics illustrated solely by herself in a collection entitled Amandatory.

Nathan Smith is an artist and an actor from Mobile Alabama whose recent comic book art is featured in the title Last Ride for Horsemen.  He started as an artist back in 1992, later took a break to pursue other dreams, and then found himself coming back to his original goal of becoming an artist.He’s also an actor that has appeared on TV shows such as American Horror Story: Freakshow and CBS’s Zoo, along with numerous movies and theater productions. He has occasionally done stunts on the side for movies like Rage with Nicolas Cage.  One of his favorite things about conventions is getting to see all the cosplay goodness and enjoy his fellow geek camaraderie.

Rando Dixon is a lifelong Mobilian. He works predominantly in the medium of pen and ink line art, but branches out into acrylic paintings. After years of freelance graphic design, he started on the road to his dream of becoming a comic book artist in 2012. Since, he has done storyboarding for motion films, including Convergence and USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage, as well as become the penciller and inker for The Absentee from Inverse Press.

Website: https://inversepress.com/

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