R. Kyle Hannah

Guest BIO

R. Kyle Hannah retired in 2015 after 29 years in the US Army. He served as a Finance Officer, Logistics Officer, Personnel Officer, and Paratrooper. He now devotes his time to writing and managing his son’s acting career. 

He was a winner in the 50 Great Authors You Should Be Reading Contest for 2016. 

His first novel, TO AID AND PROTECT, is a military sci-fi adventure released in 2010. A revamped version was released in November 2016.

His TIME ASSASSINS series has met great praise from authors and readers alike. The series is a time travel adventure that chronicles futuristic assassins who travel back in time and rewrite alternate timelines into our history. 

The first book in the series, TIME ASSASSINS, is a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner.

The second book in the series, ASSASSIN’S GAMBIT is an amazon Best Seller.

The final installment, ASSASSIN'S END, was released in December 2016.

In October 2016, he released a collection of humorous short stories from his time in the military.

He has several other projects in the works, including a screenplay adaptation of his first novel, TO AID AND PROTECT. His upcoming novels include THE JAKE CUTTER CONSPIRACY, HYPERION, HARVEST DAY, and ATLANTIS FALLING.

In January 2016, he met his favorite author, William C. Dietz, at a convention in Chattanooga. The two had a long conversation about writing and exchanged autographed books. Mr. Hannah has many convention appearances scheduled throughout the year. You can find his schedule on his website: www.rkylehannah.com.

He is married, with two children, and lives in the suburbs of Birmingham, Alabama.

Website: http://www.rkylehannah.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rkylehannahwriter

Twitter: @RKHannah