Guest BIO

Spidey-Team is a super group of people who take pride in cosplaying characters of the Spider-Man Universe. However, the team does not discriminate; there are a few who cosplay as other characters that are not affiliated with Spider-Man. As such, Spidey-Team is sometimes referred to as Spidey-Team and Friends.

The super group was formed in Lafayette, LA at Louisiana Comic Con on October 17, 2015 composed of only four members. The formation was purely coincidence as Kaden and Kit attended the event together and met two other cosplayers, one a Spider-Man and one a Harley Quinn. Once all four were in one place and began to take pictures together the name Spidey-Team was born.

Since its inception, Spidey-Team has gained many members from various different events. Now comprised of mostly Spider-Man cosplayers, the group maintains consistent 'Con' appearances.

Website: http://spideyteam.wixsite.com/spideyteam

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/spideyteam/