Don't forget to enjoy and partake in the many dynamic panels & workshops that Quest-Con haS to offer!

Panels and workshops will be announced one by one as our convention date draws closer, with our schedule being put out about a month before the convention.



Behind the scenes of a nerd reality show
The Library Bards regale their audience with tales (and quite
possibly song) of some of the behind the scenes things that
they experienced while filming ABC's The Quest & TBS' King of
the Nerds.

Hosted By: The Library Bards


Celebrity Voice Acting Panel
Ever wonder what it would be like to be a voice actor?  Join
Erica Luttrell, Jodelle Ferland, and Paul Amos as they talk
about their experiences in the voice acting industry.


How to Get Started in Voice Acting
Join The Library Bards as they give tips and advise on how to
break into the Voice Acting field.

Hosted By: The Library Bards



His Butler: Beginning
Get ready for daring verbal acrobatics and mesmerizing feats of
(dis)honesty by the Black Butler: Book of Circus crew! Here for a
Q&A, come see Smile, Black, Joker, Doll, Dagger, Snake, and Suit.

Hosted By: Curiouser Reality Productions


celebrity panels

Andre Tricoteux
Since debuting in film and television in 2010 Andre Tricoteux has
proven himself to be an actor to keep an eye on.  He has amassed
numerous credits in this short period, most notable were roles on
feature films - Deadpool, Warcraft, and Kindergarten Cop II and
television credits include CW network's The Flash, IZombie, The 100,
Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow as well as ABC's Once Upon A Time and
SYFY's Continuum.  Standing 6'10' and weighing 290 lbs he is a giant
among fellow actors.  He has a great versatility as a performer and
utilizes his size, athletic ability, martial arts training, and natural
performing aptitude to build his reputation in the film and television


Erica Luttrell
The youngest of four girls, Erica began her acting career at the age of
two, starring in numerous commercials from Pampers to Cadillac before
booking her first lead role in a television series at the age of nine.  After
several seasons on Shining Time Station, TV Ontario's Bookmice, the animated
series The Magic School Bus, and The New Ghostwriter Mysteries (the last
earning her a nomination for a Hollywood Reporter Young Star Award),
she migrated south to Los Angeles, California.


Gigi Edgley
Gigi has an extensive history with The Jim Henson Company beginning
with her popular role as Chiana on the company’s critically acclaimed
sci-fi cult series, Farscape in which she starred for over five years. 
She has starred in countless film and television series including USA’s
The Starter Wife, Rescue Special Ops, Tricky Business, SyFy’s Showdown
at Area 51 and Quantum Apocalypse, Carlotta, Newcastle, Black Jack,
Peacekeeper Wars, Stingers, Secret Life Of Us, Beastmaster, Lost World,
Water Rats and Day of The Roses.


Jodelle Ferland
Jodelle’s blossoming career spans well over a decade. Her resumé
includes over 60 film and television credits.  In 2010, Jodelle joined
the TWILIGHT cast and was seen in ECLIPSE playing BREE, which was the
subject of Stephanie Meyer's most recent book, THE SHORT SECOND LIFE
OF BREE TANNER.  Jodelle is currently starring in the SyFy’s latest space
epic, DARK MATTER, as the mysterious FIVE.


Paul Amos
Paul is an actor from Wales, UK. After leaving LAMDA he went to work
with several prestigious theatre companies including the Royal
Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre. On arriving in Canada
Paul spent a couple of years with the Stratford Festival Of Canada, since
then he has developed an impressive resume of TV credits. Having worked
on several projects including Combat Hospital, Warehouse 13, Degrassi
goes to Hollywood, Mudpit, She's the Mayor, Casualty (BBC) and two indie
features Nexus and Long Gone Day. Paul is best known for his recurring
characters Dr. Roberts in the Murdoch Mysteries and Vex in the
Showcase/Syfy hit Lost Girl.  Amos voiced and provided the motion
capture for Jacob Frye, one of the main protagonists of Assassin's
Creed: Syndicate.


Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Join Sasha Craig, Sean Cw Johnson, And Alison MacInnis as they share
their experiences acting on the Power Ranger Lightspeed Rescue series. 


Sherrilyn Kenyon
New York Times bestselling author SHERRILYN KENYON is a regular
in the #1 spot. This extraordinary bestseller continues to top
every genre in which she writes. With more than 70 million copies
of her books in print in more than one hundred countries, her
current series include The Dark-Hunters, The League, Deadman’s
Cross, Chronicles of Nick, Hellchasers, Mikrochasers, and The Lords
of Avalon. Her Chronicles of Nick and Dark-Hunter series are soon
to be major motion pictures.


Comics and Super-Heroes

Creating & Publishing Your Own Comics
The publisher, writers and artists of Inverse Press take you
through the entire comic creation process and tell you how to
get your work in front of readers all over the world!

Hosted By: Inverse Press



Cosplay 101
cosplay 101 is brought to you by some of the members of the
Cosplay Collective. They sat and talked about protocols when
dealing with professional cosplayers, how to do cosplay on a
budget, and a few interesting stories.


Cosplay Makeup and Body Painting: A Beginner's Guide
Cosplayer and makeup artist, Linz Stanley, will take you through
a step-by-step makeup demonstration on how to amp-up your cosplay
makeup game. (This class isn’t just for the girls either, fellas!) Linz
will teach you the basics of cosplay makeup, an introduction into
body painting, and detailing such as contouring and highlighting.
Come get your cos-paint on!

Hosted By: Liz Stanley


Cosplay Pics 101: posing in costume
Want to look better in your cosplay photos? Want to make quick hallway
snapshops look as good as a staged photoshoot? It’s possible with a little
posing practice! Come learn the secrets of creating flattering and dynamic
poses for any character.

Hosted By: And Sewing Is Half The Battle


cosplaying as a family
A professional clown, an artist, and an all-around geek extraordinaire
make up the Roebuck family who have been in the cosplay and convention
world for 13 years and counting! In their panel, they give you the ins and
outs of cosplaying, crafting, and running a small business as a family.

Hosted By: Cami Roebuck


intro to thermoplastics - limited seating
workshop fee - $10

You’ve heard about amazing plastics like Worbla and Wonderflex and
Sintra, but which material is right for your project, and where do you
start? This workshop will cover the basic varieties of thermoplastics
and their uses, along with sample projects and live demonstrations.

Hosted By: And Sewing Is Half The Battle


Japanese folklore - an anime, manga & film primer
What’s the difference between bakemono and ayakashi?  What are those
little creatures that show up in your favorite anime?  Get the most from
your anime and Asian cinema experience when you understand the cultural
background!  Learn the basics of Japanese mythology in this folklore
primer, and see examples in action with video clips from anime and film.

Hosted By: And Sewing Is Half The Battle


learn to dance thriller
Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” is an iconic dance, and always useful — and you
can learn it. Yes, you! This tutorial is specifically for novice and less
confident dancers (experts are welcome, too!). Your instructors are
TAGteach-certified to help you achieve your best with the most fun possible.

Hosted By: And Sewing Is Half The Battle


Molds, Resins, and Silicones, oh my!
This panel walks you through the full process of fabricating hard
plastic and flexible synthetic accessories for your costume
(or other hobby). We’ll discuss the various types of casting and
moldmaking materials, explore their pros and cons, and walk through
the moldmaking and casting process. Samples of various materials and
finished products will be on hand. (Bring a notebook; this panel is info-heavy!).

Hosted By: And Sewing Is Half The Battle


norse/Viking folklore
The Vikings are having a moment in modern pop culture, what with the
Marvel film Thor: Ragnarok, Neil Gaiman's book Norse Mythology, and more.
But much of what we see in modern interpretations is far departed from
the original mythos. Join the author of The Songweaver's Vow for an overview
of the historical Viking era, what we really know -- and don't know -- of
Norse mythology, and how these ancient stories are still being told today.

Hosted By: And Sewing Is Half The Battle


patterns lie! and other useful sewing facts
Learning to sew can be daunting, especially if you’ve never had formal
instruction. We’re here to help! In this panel, we’ll cover selecting and
reading a pattern, choosing fabric, cutting, pinning, sewing, pressing,
finishing hems, and more — all without complicated sewing terminology!
You’ll be sewing like a pro in no time. Bring your questions!

Hosted By: And Sewing Is Half The Battle


wings & things
Workshop fee - $20

Many fantasy costumes include non-human bits.  We’ll discuss hallway-friendly
wings, larger wings for stage use, realistic working wings, and other animal
attachments such as horns, tails, and more!  Learn what makes the difference
between a cheesy costume and a striking accessory.  Finally, you’ll make a pair
of hall-safe wings to wear out and enjoy.

Hosted By: And Sewing Is Half The Battle



Community & Gaming
Hosted by Grievance Global Gaming, this panel will highlight building strong
communities in the onlinE gaming world.  Grievance has proven itself tried and
true as a gaming community juggernaut, and is still growing strong to this day.  
Having been founded in 2000, Grievance numbers over 10,000 members world
wide.  Join some of the leadership as they discuss and answer questions about
just what it takes to build a successful community.

Hosted By: Grievance Global Gaming


D&D Adventurers League - Tabletop gaming
Ever been curious about dungeons & Dragons, but just didn't know how to get
started?  Since it's inception, dungeons & dragons has been a solid staple in
geek culture.  Join Robert adducci as he goes over the ins and outs of learning
to play this amazing game, and discusses all that is awesome with the
D&D Adventurers league.

Hosted by: Robert Adducci

Managing Social Media for RPG companies & Kickstarters
It seems like every time we think about marketing, social media always
comes to the forfront of things that we need to get right.  Creating
your own game, and a company to run it, can be hard enough.  Figuring
out the best way to utilize all that is social media can be just as hard
in its own right, and down right intimidating.  In this panel, Robert Adducci
discusses some of the benefits and pitfalls that you may encounter in
your quest to master social media.

Hosted by: Robert Adducci


manufacturing & game design - tabletop gaming
Hosted by RAINNStudios, this panel will give you An in depth look
at just what you need to know about manufacturing before you
start your game design, and some of the pitfalls that you might
encounter during the process.


Writing Adventures For D&D 5e
Were you one of those players that started developing your own
adventures early on?  We know we were, but it sure would have been
nice to have a little guidance, and learn a few tricks to make it a bit
easier.  Writing D&D adventures can be fun, and for some it's even
profitable.  Robert Adducci goes over just what it takes to write an
amazing D&D adventure, and answers those questions that you know
you've been wanting to ask.

Hosted by: Robert Adducci



Streaming 101
Are you a Streamer, or have ever thought about getting into
streaming?  Perhaps you just wish to fine tune your Stream? 
Well look no further! Make sure not to miss this stellar panel
of streamers as they discuss some of the various ins and outs of
just what it takes to be a successful streamer.  Learn what type
of equipment is suggested to fine tune your stream quality, the
pros & cons of twitch vs youtube streaming, and why viewers tend
to watch certain streams over others.  Keep an eye on our guests
list as we announce our streaming line up between now and quest-con.


Tips for Creating New Media
Join The library Bards as they discuss some of the tips and tricks
to creating new media.

Hosted by: The Library Bards


Writing & Drawing

How To Draw Sci-Fi and Fantasy for Artists Who Can't Draw
This workshop is for the absolute beginner.  It is literally for people who believe that they cannot draw. Steven Moore has created art as a professional artist—working for about fifteen years with ad specialties and screen-printing and later doing digital designs as the creative element of an IT department—and for his own enjoyment (having a preference for Science Fiction and Fantasy).

He has recently published the How-To Draw Book for Artist Who Can’t Draw. This workshop introduces you to the various techniques in his book.

Hosted By: Steven Moore