What time is it? It's time to get your best cosplay on, and come on down to the Alchemy Tavern for Quest-Con's Annual Cosplay Contest! That's right, with QuestCon rapidly approaching this coming October, we've decided to kick off 2017 with amazing cosplay. In addition, we are excited to announce that DJ Serpent will be in the house bringing his popular sounds for everyone's enjoyment!

Lauren Mills
Cedric Whittaker
ulio Diaz

PRIZE SUPPORT (as follows but not limited to):

1st Place
- Table at Quest-Con where you can promote your cosplay
- 1 VIP Pass + two 3Day Passes so you can invite a friend or two
- $200 cash prize

2nd Place
- Two 3Day passes to Quest-Con
- $100 cash prize

3rd Place
- One 3Day Pass to Quest-Con
- $50 cash prize



• Official Entry Form for the cosplay contest will be available at the registration table at the Alchemy just prior to the contest.  If entering as a group, please only fill out 1 form for the entire group.  Please give the group a name & names participating with the group.

• Winners will be announced after everyone haswalked across stage. 

• All entries must be registered for the contest, and have their numbers clearly displayed during contest judging.

• Reference pictures are highly encouraged for judging.  They are not mandatory.

• Please, no nudity, or potential “wardrobe malfunctions”. If your costume is determined to be too skimpy, or inappropriate for the contest, you will be asked to cover the offending portion before participating in the contest. Failure to do so will result in disqualification and possible ejection from the competition.

• Contestants can only enter in one of two categories: individual or Group.

• If costume is not self contained, the wearer may bring a handler, but the contest will not provide anyone.

• THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE PROHIBITED ONSTAGE: Open Flame, Flash Powder/Paper, Lasers (pens, sites, etc.), Messy substances (i.e. fake blood, silly string, etc…), Strobe effects Projectiles of any nature, Nudity. Any other potentially dangerous or illegal item. In the event of a dispute, the Costume Contest Director’s decision is final. ~ Judging will be done using four factors: Use of Materials, Accuracy to Reference, Attention to Detail, and Completeness. 

*If your costume is an original design, you must provide a backstory (verbal or written) to the judges for reference.

In addition, we will also have Quest-Con 3Day passes available for those in attendance at a discounted price.